The Real Mad Men

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If there’s one reason why I’m looking forward to Tuesday’s Midterm elections, it’s the break I’ll get from campaign ads.

On Tuesday, Philadelphians will (hopefully) go to the polls to vote in races ranging from Senate to State Rep.

The campaigns have been working hard to get people to support their candidates, and we’ve talked about everything from how you should recover from a stroke to whether or not Oprah Winfrey should denounce the doctor she gave a platform.

(By the way, Oprah issued a statement on Thursday denouncing Dr. Oz at an online event. Why folks felt she had to is anyone’s guess.)

Because of the nonsense that was this campaign season, there were a lot of things that didn’t get discussed. Poverty didn’t get discussed. Healthcare didn’t really get discussed. A lot of stuff went by the wayside.

But one thing that didn’t was crime. Which brings me to one of the things I will NOT miss in this campaign season.

The ads. I will not miss the ads. If you based your perception of Philadelphia on what you saw in political ads, especially this cycle, you’d be looking for Snake Plisken to help you escape.

From the ads that all but imply that Mehmet Oz will be meeting you at your gynecologist to the ads that imply that John Fetterman led a conga line of murderers released from jail , the ads have been crazy.

Probably the worst offender of all of the political ads is a group that calls itself Citizens for Sanity. Their schtick is, for all intents and purposes, “Cops”, But Commercials.

The grainy videos of shootouts and police arresting folks coupled with a very serious looking Black woman talking about how unsafe and crazy the streets are.

But, that’s just one of the commercials. The other concerns a dude that stabbed a whole bunch of people. But the fact that he was here illegally was at the center of the ad.

Imagine getting hit with all of this between Kyle Schwarber home runs during the World Series.

Now, I understand that it wouldn’t be an election without the requisite fear-mongering, but this year’s crop of Mad Men have outdone themselves. If you got all of your information about life-based on just these ads, you’d have bars on everything; your windows, your doors, your Mama, etc…

So of course, this makes the candidates compete with each other to see who can tie themselves to the FOP the tightest. As a person of color, I know what happens with that.

And to make matters worse, this nonsense financed someone’s paychecks. The reason why people keep sending me, Larry and Lance funding letters is because it costs a lot of money to buy the ad time needed to scare the crap out of Nana and Pop-Pop…

Hopefully, folks were able to sift through the toxic waste that is campaign messaging to find out where ANY of these candidates stand on ANY of the issues important to them.

Otherwise, these folks just ruined my World Series viewing experience for nothing…

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