What’s in The Capital Budget?

As we’ve been reporting, Philadelphia’s Fiscal Year 2024 budget will be passed by city council this Thursday at the final session of the spring term. Last week, we took a look at the operating budget. This week, we’ll focus on the capital budget.

The Capital Budget is the work of the Mayoral Administration and the Planning Commission and is a “six-year recommended capital spending plan for municipal buildings, facilities, and specialized equipment.”

Fiscal Year 2024’s capital budget will be $4.72 billion. Over the next six years, the city intends to invest $13.2 billion in capital expenditures, including $1.1 billion in borrowing. According to the 2024 Capital Budget report, the administration plans to invest in the following areas:

$11 million for new Health Centers in Northeast Philadelphia
$20 million for FDR Park
$47.5 million for Rebuild
$60 million for road repaving and ADA ramps
$2.5 million for Vision Zero projects

As we reported previously, the Fiscal Year 2024 breakdown of capital funds is broken down as follows:

54% Building Thriving Neighborhoods
18%: Efficient, Effective, and Diverse Government
11%: Enhancing Public Safety
8%: Driving Inclusive Growth and Economic Opportunity
3%: Investing In Future Generations

Building Thriving Neighborhoods

The largest piece of the capital budget is going towards “street resurfacing, public transportation, upgrades to park and recreation facilities, business corridors, and energy efficiency improvement.” This includes:

$30 million for street repaving and ADA accessibility compliance (along with an extra $30 million from the Operating Budget)

$5.75 in new funding for SEPTA

$20 million for FDR Park ($10 million in borrowing and $10 million from the Operating Budget)

$14 million for Rebuild

$1 million for energy efficiency equipment

Investing in Future Generations

The main focus of this portion of the capital budget is investing in educational institutions.

$2 million for the Art Museum

$1.5 million for the Free Library

$2 million for the Philadelphia Zoo

Enhancing Public Safety

With public safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the capital budget, while not being able to fund day-to-day public safety initiatives, can provide support for public safety entities.

$6 million for improvements to Fire Department facilities

$8.4 million for new police facilities and renovations to existing buildings.

$4.9 for prison facilities renovations

$5 million for Health Department facilities renovations

$1.5 million for renovations to the Office of Homeless Services facilities

Driving Inclusive Growth and Economic Opportunity

These capital investments are in areas traditionally left behind when it comes to other sources of funding. Capital investments in commercial corridors, in particular, can have a significant impact in neighborhood development.

$1 million for Neighborhood Commercial Corridors

$5.75 million for Industrial and Waterfront Land Redevelopment

Efficient, Effective, and Diverse Government

Maintaining city-owned infrastructure is the key aspect of the capital budget, and the administration has made it a priority to ensure those funds are used equitably.

$3.4 million for interior and exterior facility improvements and environmental remediation of city office buildings

$17.5 million for IT infrastructure improvements

$11 million for new vehicles in various departments, including the Fire Department

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