Councilmember Mark Squilla: “Public safety has to be our number one priority.”

In this interview, reporters Denise Clay-Murray and Larry McGlynn ask Councilmember Squilla about the city’s violence epidemic, housing, and how he would like to see the budget surplus used. 

“I think the number one priority is how we look at public safety, how we are going to enforce certain measures, and how are we going to work to prevent some of the issues that you know, the perception of lawlessness that’s happening now in the city of Philadelphia?”

“There are a lot of items on the agenda; affordable housing is also very serious, how we’re dealing with our homeless population and developing housing opportunities.”

“We just started AMP court early this month; it’s two days a week right now and hopefully goes to five days a week, starting in November.”

“We put a lot of money in the budget last year for prevention programs and outreach, trying to get to the people more likely to be victims of crime or a part of a crime.”

“I think you’re going to see a lot of different approaches from Council, but I think it’s going to revolve around, public safety, affordable housing and how we deal with our opioid epidemic and homelessness that’s prevalent right now in the city.”

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