Hall Monitor

Automated content moderation

Julia has a problem.

Julia is the social media manager for a large national brand. They’re looking to increase the opportunities for their customers to contribute User Generated Content, but all that UGC needs moderation. It’s a tremendous amount of work for which she has no time, no interest, and a very limited budget to solve. It threatens to undermine her brand’s entire social strategy.

How do the big players handle it?

Companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft have invested heavily in automating the process of identifying and flagging offensive content before it gets in front of the user. How?

In effect, every time a user flags a piece of content as inappropriate, they’re training their proprietary AI to look for patterns. Over time, they start to get really good at predicting how offensive any given piece of content is going to be.

Introducing Hall Monitor

Hall Monitor is web service for automated content moderation. Any website or application can use our API to pass in some content and ask: How bad is this content? Hall Monitor would then respond with a rating along multiple categories such as language, hate speech, sexual content, spam, violence, etc.

Now, Julia has a solution.

Armed with Hall Monitor, Julia’s developers call out to our API every time a user submits a piece of content. In turn, we send back a ranking on how likely it is that this content could be offensive, along with why. Julia’s developers now have the data they need to intelligently decide what to do with UGC without requiring a human moderator, saving time, money, and ultimately saving the project itself.

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